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Exclusive! Alya's Video Blog - Ladybug gets plugged!

Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon

Art by Akuma Shop

Violet, inspired by Jack-Jack's laser eyes, takes things too far

Art by Cesaru

Terra's seismic climax

Art by RelatedGuy

Violet Parr's reaction to the events of Incredibles 2

Art by Saberrung

Miraculous Sex Stories 1: The Girls Who Saved Paris
(When Ladybug Couldn't)

Art by Principe Negro

After Mayda Munny fails to marry Richie Rich, she tries another method

Art by Cesaru

Ladybug's yo-yo 'de-evilizes' a Parisian cock

Art by Akuma Shop

Star & Marco's Sex Photo Booth

Art by Principe Negro

April 'rides' the Triceraton

Art by Saberrung

Wonder Girl plays 'Bullet Cum and Bracelets'

Art by Rhaydar

Luan Gets Fooled

Art by Principe Negro

Jinora and her air-powered sex toy

Art by Saberrung

What about that love connection I sensed at the end of Legend of Korra?
(No, not that one! Sheesh! I'm not that lame!)

Looks like 'ol Huan's having second...and third...and fourth thoughts about all this.
Art by Cesaru

Ms. Marvel shows us how being a polymorph can be helpful when dealing with the larger super dudes

And of course, her other body parts grow when needed, as well.
What would the gargantuan heroes of the Marvel U do without the divine Ms. M?
(Talk about 'embiggen' LOL)
Art by Rhaydar

Jinora and Ikki have more fun!

Who could say no to those two?
Art by Principe Negro

Happy Valentine's Day from Jinora and Ikki!

Sisters making 'pussy hearts'! Awww, how cute!
Art by Principe Negro

Astrid & Huntsgirl

Astrid the dragon flyer not only teaches Rose the Huntsgirl that dragons are cool, but also that there are better things she could be doing.
Art by OozutsuCannon

Spiderling Is Not a Noob!

The writer of The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows would have you believe that Spiderling (Annie May Parker)
has been a superhero for 8 years, and yet is still a clueless newbie! This is patently false! How do we know this? Exhibit A above.
Spiderling has sex with Scarlet Spider, Spiderman Miles Morales and Spiderman Peter Parker (616, not her dad) at the same time!
Proof positive she's not a noob! That alleged 'writer' should come up with a real story!
Art by Principe Negro

Star atop the Christmas Tree

Art by The Dark Mangaka

Ladybug teaches Marinette

Art by Principe Negro

Moana the future Cheiftain finds out what the Chieftain Stone is really for

Art by OozutsuCannon

Elastika and Violet Parr

Art by Cesaru

Terra's Rockin' Halloween

Art by Incogneato

Janna and her 'special friend' visiting from hell wish everyone a Happy Halloween! Mwah ha ha!

Art by OozutsuCannon

Terra Gets Her Rocks Off, Or On Her, In Her, Whatever

Art by The Dark Mangaka

Astrid in How To Really Train  A Dragon

Astrid rides on a back of one dragon, while another dragon flies just above her and licks her pussy.
Now that's dragon training!
Art by TijuanaBibleScholar

Luna Loud, Sam (!!) and friend

Ary by Incogneato

April and Karai the Snake

Art by Incogneato

Ikki's Flying Fuck

by The Dark Mangaka

Perp Walk of the Virgin Killer Sweater

What if a virgin killer sweater became alive and actually 'killed' virginity?
Originally titled 'Death of a Meme' because I'd rather people create something original instead of copying each other.
But then I had a character do a new version of the VKS, so I couldn't 'kill' the meme just yet. I'm such a hypocrite.
Art by Pencilsex

Arana, Stature & Dusk - Puppets of the Puppetmaster! (Or are they??)

Art by DankoDeadZone

Ladybug's Lucky Charm 3-Way

Ladybug throws her yo-yo, says "Lucky Charm" and gets really lucky when Lucky Girl & Charmcaster appear!
Cat Noir can take care of any Akuma-related nonsense. This Ladybug's gonna get down with her girls!
Art by TijuanaBibleScholar

Wonder Girl, Arrowette & Stargirl in "Mo' Wonder, Mo' Problems"

Poor Wonder Girl! She's so afraid of hurting guys with her super strength,
she resorts to giving a titjob with her cute & perky but decidedly non-Amazonian breasts!
I love these girls. They try so hard.
Art by DankoDeadZone

Lori & Leni Take Steve For A Ride

Originally, I had Lori riding Steve's cock ('testing the condom for Bobbie' was her excuse, that's why there's a condom).
But the artist flipped the positions of the girls, so I had to change the dialogue. Still works.
Art by TijuanaBibleScholar

Katara And The Warden

Katara has a different plan to free the captives in Episode 106, Imprisoned.
Katara wants to seduce the warden, and enlists Haru to help her (he's only pretending to fuck Katara. Haru's got huge blue balls!)
However, Katara doesn't know anything about gay people, having grown up in a small village, and her plan fails.
So Katara ends up inspiring the prisoners to fight for their freedom by a more direct method.
At the end of the episode, when Tyro personally thanks Katara 'of the water tribe' for helping him find his courage,
I always thought he said that with a big boner in his pants!)
Fun facts: George Takei voiced the Warden. George is also gay, and is known for saying 'Oh my!'
Art by Pencilsex