Featuring very sexy pinups of my favorite teen heroines from comics and animation.
(And when I say 'teen', I don't mean 18- & 19-year olds. Giggity!)

Proud Pakistani-American hero Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) in a patriotic bikini

Talk about a birthday present, 'Murrica!
Art by Shinsaku

Darla from Shazam!

Shockingly stunning art by lalox

It's Luan-acy Month!
Here's Luan Loud in a sexy bikini
"Hello, ladies and germs! Speaking of germs, how about this bikini? It's as small as a microbe!

Art by Shinsaku

Gadget Hackrench the Mousetrap
(She's the trap and the lure)

Who needs cheese with a mouse body like that?
Art by Cinnamon6

Kyoka Jiro (Earphone Jack, the Hearing Hero) of My Hero Academia

She's going to 'raise the roof' with that sweet sound of hers (and our blood pressure, with that bikini!)
Art by lalox

Peni Parker and her Spider Friend

Art by Kola411

Ladybug has heart (heart bikini, that is)

Art by Cinnamon6

Jinora in her new 'Wing Suit'
(Flight bikini with metal wing)

Art by Req

Sam and Cathy from Monster Buster Club
Hmmm, I don't think Cathy (an alien) has seen a naked belly button before.

Art by Cesaru

Jinora on Flight Discs

Art by lalox

Happy Chinese New Year!
Now here's (French/Chinese) Ladybug in a sexy cheongsam

Art by Shinsaku

Leni Loud

Art by IndexRyo

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and she has gifts!

Miraculous Ladybug Season 2.5!
Art by UnholySoul

Happy Solstice from Kya (Aang & Katara's daughter), Snow Princess of the Solstice Festival!

Art by lalox

Here's a Christmas version of Kya
(Yes, ATLA doesn't have Christmas, but we do. Or think of it as a Fire Nation version)
(Yes, I know, why would a Water Tribe girl wear Fire Nation clothes? Maybe it's in fashion?)
Oh, never mind the questions. Just enjoy the hot chick!

Art by lalox

Here's an even sexier version!

That'll melt any snow, for sure!
Art by the ever-amazing lalox

Zarya of Mysticons gets an Emoji bikini for Lotus Night (It's better than slippers!)

Art by Shinsaku

Leni Loud in her snorkeler gear (Got to have the right outfit & gear!)

Art by Haraya

Happy Halloween from Katara, Star Butterfly & Leni Loud

 Katara cosplays as Aquagirl

Katara's special 'speed suit'. She can move through the water fast as a torpedo wearing that!
Art by lalox

Star Butterfly as a Vampire

Art by Ohiekhe

Super Leni
More powerful than the 11 of Hearts, able to leap a cosmetics counter in one bound, faster than a flash sale!

Art by Shinsaku

Battle Damage Violet

Hard-hitting art by lalox

Violet's Force Field Bikini
Look Ma, no straps!

Art by Cinnamon6

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