Banned from Deviantart
An underwhelming collection of admittedly naughty, but NON-obscene pinup art of totally fictional teens,
which is somehow too delicate for idiot sensibilities.

Deviantart deleted a lot of my art, not because it was 'sexy underagers', but because I let everyone see it.
If it was labeled 'Mature Content', it would have stayed on the site. Think about that.
You have to be at least 13 to join DA (no kids on DA). So 13-17 year olds can't view a sexy 14 year old Katara, but 18+ can see it.
However, if the character is stated to be 18+, they can be sexy and Not have a Mature Content label.
Which means anyone 13-17 can see sexy fictional 'adults', but not those the same age they are.
If underage teens can see fictional females in sexy bikinis, but not teens in the same garments, what are they being protected from?
The only problem here is that some people want to decide what other people see because it makes them feel 'powerful'.
Deviantart could improve their labeling system and let people see what they want,
while allowing those who don't want to view 'sexy art' to not see it.
Instead, they let those against the public viewing of art make the rules for everyone.
Deviantart and those like them are insane, anti-art, freedom of expression-hating morons!
Anyway, here's the sexy goodies! Not gonna let them get me down (or win)!

Leni Loud in her 'STEM' dress. I did a new version of this that I'll post.

Ikki from The Legend of Korra does a new painting.

Ikki as a teen playing airball

Jinora as Marvel's Moondragon

Jinora as a master Airbender

A lovely Jinora at the Beach

Katara, Ty Lee and Suki celebrate the Solstice

Julie Power of Power Pack enslaved by the horse-looking Kymellians

Ladybug celebrates the new season

Ladybug's 'Lucky Charm' 3-Way (giggity)
I severely edited this pic, but no, it had to go! Ideas are dangerous!!

Ladybug's new costume. A sweet pic, but haters gonna hate.

Ladybug 'Spots Off!'

Ladybug's Evening Dress


Deviantart doesn't like sexy pics of certain characters, such as Katara.
Expect any racy pics of the waterbender to get deleted faster than it takes water to drip from two mounds!

Ladybug (Marinette & Alya)

Deviantart doesn't like 'underboob' either. Even when it's not the main character, it's only a supporting character.
Omigawd, wake the children! Alert the neighbors!

Which doesn't explain their opposition to this pic. What, asses aren't allowed now?
Something smells, and it's not coming from between those well-toned buttocks!


Uh oh! Underboob again! I'm so bad!

Violet Parr

Yep, you guessed it. Underboob!


Underboob strikes again! That little bit of bare flesh means this is 'not acceptable'!
(Funny how that rule doesn't apply to canon underagers who wear canon outfits that expose canon UNDERBOOB!)


Oh no, is that a, a nipple peeking out from behind that sheer fabric?! God save us all!

April & Renet

Okay, I don't know what problem Deviantart had with this picture. April's boobs are covered, and Renet's not a minor.
Sure, I was being coy by having them in a pre-scissoring pose, but they're not rubbing their who-has together now, are they? So what's the problem?
You may as well outlaw wrestling, if leg entanglement is 'obscene'.
I guess this falls under their legal boilerplate 'erotic or sexually compromising situation' nonsense.

Moana (Again)

Even a bikini is too much for Deviantart! They're hopeless!

Pics like all of the above are on Deviantart right now. I suppose it's only wrong if I post them.
The problem is Deviantart is not consistent. They only apply their rules if someone complains.
If a rule is a rule, why doesn't it apply even when someone doesn't complain?
Why do the complainers get to choose which art is acceptable, and which isn't? Why do they have that power?
I'm not asking for art to be deleted. What I'd like is for Deviantart to determine what is acceptable and what isn't, and then apply that rule fairly to all.
Not leave it up to the ego-sniffing prudes, who can't stop me anyway. The art still gets posted. They haven't done anything except annoy me.